Building and running Apache Shindig for PHP

The PHP version of Shindig has been moved to the attic, this is only kept here for legacy reasons.

This is the PHP steps on how to build and run Apache Shindig.

Prequisites before building Apache Shindig for PHP

In order to build and run Apache Shindig for PHP, you must have the following:

Getting the code

Create a subdirectory in your web document root, e.g. /var/www/html and checkout the Apache Shindig code from its Subversion repository.

  1. mkdir /var/www/html/shindig
  2. cd /var/www/html/shindig
  3. svn co

Running Apache Shindig

With PHP There is no need to build anything - the source code is already built.

To run the code, you have several options:

a. Create a new virtual host

Point your apache to the php dir with a virtual host like:

      <VirtualHost your_ip:your_port>
        DocumentRoot /var/www/html/shindig/php
        ... other normal settings in vhosts...

Restart apache, and point your browser to:

b. Run with an existing host

If you cannot/don't want to create a virtual host, you can edit the file php/config.php and change the web_prefix setting to '/shindig/php'.

Then you can run the gadget by pointing your browser to:

Additional reading

Read php/README for original instructions on how to start up the php Apache Shindig server.