Website Documentation

The Apache Shindig website uses Apache CMS to edit, update, and publish content. Apache CMS follows three basic steps when updating content on the website:

  1. Add / Update / Delete content on the website.
  2. Stage the website and verify the changes.
  3. Publish the website to make the changes live.

The files for the website are stored in Shindig's SVN repository but it is not necessary to check out any code to update the website. Apache CMS allows users to edit content directly in your browser.
However if you prefer to edit the website directly from the files in SVN you may do that as well. The Shindig site uses Markdown to compose the content of the site.

Updating The Website Using The Bookmarklet

The Apache CMS bookmarklet allows you to edit the Shindig site directly in your browser. First create a bookmark for the ASF Bookmarklet. Then navigate to the staging Shindig site and find the page with the content you want to update. Finally click the bookmarklet you just bookmarked in your browser. You will be prompted to enter your ASF committer credentials the first time you use the bookmarklet. After entering your credentials you should be brought to a page that will allow you to update the content of the page. Here is a video which gives you a quick tutorial of how to use the bookmarklet.

If you are not a Shindig committer you can still contribute content anonymously. Here is a video which gives you a quick tutorial on how anonymous contributions work.